The Consultation

First Consultation 

The first consultation takes about 90-120 minutes - this is because we need to get as broad a view of you as possible in order to find the best remedy to match your needs. We need to know all about your complaint in detail but also about your family medical history, things you love and things you avoid and life changing events.

Homeopaths need to have lots of information because we treat holistically and do not separate the physical from the mental or emotional.

If you are coming for your first appointment please take time to download and fill in the family medical history form.


The Follow Up Appointment 

A follow up is usually made a month later, but the time can vary, depending on the complaint. We will ask many questions about how you have been and compare it to the information you originally gave us. This normally takes about 45- 60 minutes.

What Does The Treatment Entail?

Sometimes at the end of a consultation a remedy will be given immediately, but often more research is needed and it could be that the remedy is sent by post a few days later. This is because we always want to make the best selection, tailor made to your individual needs.

The remedies are tried and tested to a vigorous degree, many having been used for over 200 years. There are no side effects with homeopathy, but sometimes patients may experience a worsening of their symptoms and then an improvement. We call this an aggravation and for us it is a good sign, because it means the remedy has kick started the body's innate healing ability back into action.

The reason we become ill in the first place is because our healing system has got stuck, for whatever reason. The remedies nudge it back into action.

How Quickly Will I Get Better?

Each individual has a different response to homeopathic remedies depending on many factors including the nature of their complaint, how advanced it is and their vitality.

It is generally recommended that you commit to three consultations in order to benefit from the treatment. This is because health is a process which takes patience and observation and doesn't happen overnight - just as you don't become ill overnight.




"When I opened the packet and I saw two, little, white pills I thought " is that it?' How could I know then how much those little pills would change my life!"

C.S. 55 year old woman with multiple sclerosis

"I was suffering through very typical but very uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms- severe heartburn, indigestion, back pain, swollen aching feet and tension across the belly. Dodo took very specific consultation notes as I went through my list of ailments, guiding me to be very specific in the location and intesity of discomfort. The remedy she prescribed has worked wonders! I really  feel the psotive effects after only one or two doses and notice when I need to 'top up'. We have had several follow up chats and discussed dosage adjustments and Dodo has always been available when I've had any questions."

T.B. Teacher