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About Me

I trained as a classical homeopath at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud before specialising in the sensation method as taught by the Joshis in India. I was attracted to this method as it aims to get the most accurate prescription for the patient by understanding them in a deeper way. 

I finished my training in 2016 and then began my practice. I also run a clinic in Peckham once a month. 

Before I became a homeopath I was a musician for many years and latterly worked as a librarian and  vegetable gardener in a primary school. 

Dodo Kitching MA RSHom


About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine which has been practised for over 200 years. It helps an estimated 450 million people across the world each year.

Homeopathy can help people improve their overall health, especially if they are suffering from chronic or complex disorders. 

Homeopathy can safely be used together with other forms of medicine and because homeopathy is a natural form of medicine, it is safe for everyone, including new babies, small children, adults, women during pregnancy, and the elderly.

Homeopathy can be effective in support of other therapeutic practices such as counselling, osteopathy, herbalism, acupuncture as well as conventional medical treatments.

What can it treat?

Homeopathy can treat a wide range of conditions from the physical to the mental/ emotional sphere. It can help disorders such as agoraphobia, OCD, depression, PTSD, addiction, eczema, asthma, arthritis, migraines, ME/chronic fatigue, stress, allergies, irritable bowel, PMT, ADHD/ADD, sleep problems, autoimmune diseases, eating disorders... 

How does it work?

Health is like an flowing river, constantly readjusting itself so it can find a way to flow. Sometimes circumstances which could come in the form of trauma, illness or sudden change cause us to become stuck – and the result is that our health stagnates.

Every person expresses their illness in their own unique way, which is why homeopathy can be so effective as it is tailor made to each person. Homeopaths see the mind and body as being inseparable, therefore all disease must be reflected on each plane. And, as homeopathy is a talking therapy, the kinds of questions asked at the consultation can often help patients make connections and understand much about themselves. 

Dodo Kitching MA RSHom homeopath

Some Common Remedies

Calendula Officianalis
Great remedy for excessively painful cuts, minor burns , blistered and inflamed skin
Good remedy for burning, stinging pains, puffy swellings. Better for cool. Patient is irritable 
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